30 November 2009

christmas time is the best time

it is impossible not to be happy around christmas. i love being at red lights, i love green lights, not so much yellow lights... i don't get road rage (as easily) around christmas time, and i love going to the mall more than ever. mall christmas decorations remind me of being a child, being dragged along on christmas shopping trips with my mom and sister. we got our christmas tree this weekend, which is my #1 favorite christmas outing. we hiked up a mountain, and fought through some pretty fierce wind to find the perfect tree. our apartment smells soo nice, and mugsy loves the tree. at first, he was petrified and hid under the bed for hours, now i can't get him out from under it. he loves christmas! 

24 November 2009

long time no see

PJ lost the USB cord for my camera. I blame him for losing it, no way on earth I could have lost it... So, I was basically unable to get any pictures on my computer for a while. Then I fell into a wedding slump, which I blame on DIY indie/vintage/cool wedding blogs/websites/ideas. I feel so angry every time I read something about how some trendy bride had a DIY budget wedding. When I look into what vendors they used, they had their wedding at a barn with a $7,000 site fee, and their dress was $5,000 dollars, but they made their own boutonnieres! Which in essence, probably cost them more than buying them from a florist. It is so frustrating, and it gives brides to be this false notion that they can have a wedding just like theirs. So for a while I felt really angry, and frustrated with the way weddings are being portrayed as budget/DIY weddings, and they still cost a fortune. I basically decided to stop looking at wedding blogs all together, I will still rummage through theknot.com, and project wedding, but otherwise I am staying far away. I don't mind looking at beautiful weddings, but don't try to trick me into believing they were cheap, or low budget, or easy. Between the DIY blogs, and the Mormon blogs, I can barely stand it. I feel so inadequate from BLOGS, that I just needed a break. 

We booked our Honeymoon, to Antigua.

I am excited, but currently not so excited at the INSANE prices of plane tickets. I am trying to not have an anxiety attack that the prices aren't going to drop significantly. I deal with stress horribly, I may never make it to my wedding day, or I will look 52 years old. So, all I do is force Mugsy or Mona to hug me and lay on me, to help calm me down. It doesn't usually work, because whenever I want them to love me, they want nothing to do with me. 

ha, i just love catching mona in the act of licking her chops.