28 September 2009

pretend money

sometimes i like to go on websites and pretend i could buy allll the things i want. today i did that with fishs eddy. maybe once a week i will order one thing from there. if i lived in the city this plan would absolutely happen. i like how i can make plans to spend money every week, but have trouble planning to save money every week. this is why i never have any money. anyway, there were a few items that struck me as definitely needed items on the website; 

i wish i could raid my grandmothers closets 10 years ago, because i know she had identical glassware and pitchers. unfortunately, she got rid of so much stuff when she moved into her senior living apartment. wish i had an interest in these things when i was 11. 

i can't wait to make a registry. where will i make it? target? fishs eddy? who knows... i am exhausted tonight. goodnight!

27 September 2009

weekends are fun

i wish it was always the weekend. today i hated my job more than i usually do. i hate driving, and they have me traveling more than i wanted. it doesn't take much to make me hate my job more than usual, but traveling and crappy hours are a fast way to make me dislike a job. 

ok, so this weekend i visited jamie in the city. i picked out my REAL engagement ring, and had lots of fun with my bestest friend. 

this is jamie and scott's super cute and fun cat, oliver. i loved him, and he is super photogenic. 
then we went to pj horgans for dinner, and their hamburgers were sooo good. i want one now.

then we went to the dog park, wish i lived there. this pic is super cute, it seems to be coming out weird on the blog, but i swear it is really good, jamie!

thennn we went to fishs eddy, and i loved it even more. especially their cake holders? i am not domesticated enough to be familiar with actual terms:

then i made apple cinnamon muffins from scratch, inspired by jamie. i had a lot of baking stuff left over from my birthday cupcakes, which i apparently didn't take any pictures of, so i figured i'd make something yummy.

AND most importantly, the ring:

without the wedding band(s), and with. i love love love love it.

22 September 2009


i have so much to update about! sooo much, but i will stick to the most important of updates first.

i'm engaged!

super exciting, super fun, and again so exciting!

PJ asked me on my birthday, which he stated for weeks now was going to be the best birthday ever. i doubted this, but it was true! until next birthday when i get a dog. just kiiiidding, sort of. 
we know we want an october wedding, but we don't know 2010 or 2011?! 

pj and i are are homebodies, and he knows how good i am at guessing presents. so PJ popped the question while i was sitting at the kitchen table after i got home from work. and if he did anything out of the blue i would have definitely been suspicious. i hate surprises and feel the need to wrack my brain trying to figure out what he could've gotten me. 

i am so excited to start planning, and i already have a few details picked out. ya know, only a few. 
we know we want an outdoor wedding, in the fall.
and i'll save the rest for later!

here is a little sneak peak and the bridesmaids dresses i heart. 

oh, and now i am TWENTY THREE! yiiikes. 

14 September 2009

sew mania

so, i gave up on knitting, maybe forever. maybe for a little while. i am consumed by sewing right now. i have been told i am getting a sewing machine for my birthday (yayy!) so that means less shabby hand sewn work from birthday on out. i went to joann fabrics today with one of my contacts, shes 63, and she picked out a fabric she liked. i told her i would make her some kind of hand bag. it isn't my favorite fabric, but for 62 she could've picked something way worse. i am proud of it regardless of the horrible stitching. i didn't use a pattern, so it is completely uneven, but she won't know the different sadly. 
i also made mugsy and mona a cat nip toy. it is just a circle/ball  with a flower on it. hard to tell in this picture, but i love how much mugsy is enjoying it here. 

06 September 2009

get yo back into it

took a break, needed some time to get over the fact i might never live in the house of my current dreams. 

it was beautiful out today, really beautiful. this weather would've been sweet 2 months ago. now i want to wear my new fall clothes, and wear scarves without breaking a sweat. i am most excited because last year pj and i went to the most amazing apple/pumpkin/etc farm, dressel farm, and i want to go back sooooo bad. it has gorgeous mountain views, and is just the most beautiful apple orchard we've ever been to. pictures from dressel farm '08:

this weekend i saw my bestest friend, which i am so happy and sad about. sad i can't see her as much as i want, whenever i want. but still happy that i got to, and i know it needs to happen more! the battery on my camera was dead so i have no new pics, so i guess old ones will have to do...
i feel like the biggest scatter brain right now...
but my favorite website, 
has not only the most amazing recipes, but amazing everything. yep! its true. and look at how amazing some of these recipes look: 

this last one is plum crumble, and i loooove plums. the recipes are at martha stewart's incredible website. how did martha stewart become famous from cooking and doing crafts? ugh i need to find out, and replicate her every move.
and if you don't believe me about her website being super great, she even has a pet section! 

and i will end this with what i would like for my birthday, because it is only 15 days away ya know: