06 September 2009

get yo back into it

took a break, needed some time to get over the fact i might never live in the house of my current dreams. 

it was beautiful out today, really beautiful. this weather would've been sweet 2 months ago. now i want to wear my new fall clothes, and wear scarves without breaking a sweat. i am most excited because last year pj and i went to the most amazing apple/pumpkin/etc farm, dressel farm, and i want to go back sooooo bad. it has gorgeous mountain views, and is just the most beautiful apple orchard we've ever been to. pictures from dressel farm '08:

this weekend i saw my bestest friend, which i am so happy and sad about. sad i can't see her as much as i want, whenever i want. but still happy that i got to, and i know it needs to happen more! the battery on my camera was dead so i have no new pics, so i guess old ones will have to do...
i feel like the biggest scatter brain right now...
but my favorite website, 
has not only the most amazing recipes, but amazing everything. yep! its true. and look at how amazing some of these recipes look: 

this last one is plum crumble, and i loooove plums. the recipes are at martha stewart's incredible website. how did martha stewart become famous from cooking and doing crafts? ugh i need to find out, and replicate her every move.
and if you don't believe me about her website being super great, she even has a pet section! 

and i will end this with what i would like for my birthday, because it is only 15 days away ya know:

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  1. ugh im still not over my "i wanna see jess every day" feeling and have been consistently whining about it since i got back from our hang out.
    a)i wanna go to dressel farm with you guys it looks so great
    b)omg to those recipes, i need to make them
    c)ive tried making martha stewarts cat toys from her website. they didnt come out quite like hers but i agree, i want to be her.
    d)i looooove that cowl scarf thingy so pretty