24 August 2009

I'm always wanting & needing...

so i want this house. i really really do. i am sick of renting, and having jerko landlords, and I am sick of not being able to paint walls, have a dog, and not being able to park in my own driveway. I am just sick of being a renter in general. This house has a pool, and it is everything i ever dreamed a house could be. it has a guest house, which i wish jamie could come live in it, but in reality really live in the actual house with me since it has 4 bedrooms and a POOL. 

i am going to see it on Wednesday, which i assume i will fall even more in love with it. 

don't get me wrong though, i am super happy with our apartment, when speaking in terms of apartments. i could wish for some more closet space considering we only have one. and i could wish for our landlord to not be so weird, and for people to not park so stupidly in our parking lot, and for our bedroom window to not basically be attached to our neighbors porch/kitchen window. but there are things i love about it too. like our chandeliers, and big windows, and lots of sun, and our shower, and our bookcase, and our pocket doors. all i know is our neighbors must think we are the weirdest person on earth, and i think they are right. 

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  1. haha as soon as i read "guest house" i was like i want to live in there. and then laughed when i read your next sentence. but for real, buy that house yo.