08 August 2009

happiness is bliss

a little late with the whole being tagged, happiness things... but better late than never!

6 things that make me

1. being in my pajamas all day
2. homemade lemonade with raspberries
3. hayrides to pumpkin patches
4. the feeling of being lifted up by an ocean wave
5. rollercoasters
6. breakfast, lunch, and dinner

i almost put tickle fights, but then remembered i hate being the one being tickled, and only like being the tickler!

oh and i have to add- CARVING PUMPKINS! after vacation in ONE WEEK, i am sooo ready for fall. it is kind of all i think about besides the ocean.

1 comment:

  1. oooo carving pumpkinsss.
    i want fall so bad too.
    i wish i had lots of money for fall clothes and lots of boots.