03 August 2009

learning new things is hard

some of the goodies i bought.
well minus the shoes. i got the shoes two weeks ago, but still new enough to show off. but i love, love, love, love stationary. i have more paper than i know what to do with. and stickers. anyways, i got the weekly planner for work because it is hard to keep up with contacts, doctors appointments, social work appointments, when i am going where and etc. this is definitely a much different program than the one PJ is in. so, i decided my job required a weekly planner (mostly because some of the older women in the program have them and it makes me feel important.) today i ALSO got a work email address, making me feel SO important. nobody will ever have to email me, but stillll! ok, so other stationary is a weekly calendar with magnets on the back for your fridge. i get overly excited about these types of things. it was only $1 at michael's. lastly, the green yarn. i cannot even begin to count how many times i have attempted knitting and failed miserably. i need some serious hands on teaching. so, i saw this green yarn at michael's and loved the color so much, and thought how great it would be if i could start making scarves for fall and winter. then i saw the crochet needles, and decided i should try to crochet, and maybe i'd be able to figure that out. nope. so frustrated. i want to make a scarf SO bad, and i tried so hard. ughhh! help me!

happier note,
i made soup! yeah, it might be 90 degrees out but i was craving red soup. red soup is pj's favorite, and i am pretty fond of it myself considering it has these really yummy noodles in it called haluski. i couldn't find haluski in my grocery store, so i used cavatelli noodles. equally as good.

pictures i take of food never seem to look that great, but i swear its good.
can of whole peeled tomatoes (use juice in broth)
cabbage (split in half, or quartered depending on your love for cabbage)
some italian seasoning
sea salt
stew meat (cook according to package and add to soup when finished)
haluski or cavatelli noodles (cooked according to package and added to individual bowls)

i use no exact amounts, i keep adding until it tastes yummy. not a ton of ketchup, maybe 10 seconds worth... start with smaller amounts because you can always add more. and don't make it when its 90 degrees out, save this one for november.

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  1. ooh i love planners. and journals. i dont even write it one but every single time i go into borders i feel the need to buy a journal. i always with the journals were planners so i would maybe have use for them at least for school.

    and i think crocheting is wayyyy easier than knitting. so give that another try. i cant follow patterns though they confuse me and my scarves always start to get wider and wider. the only way i can do it is how my mom taught me which is probably wrong but at least ends in a scarf. i will show you. good thinking starting now so you can have many pretty scarves as soon as the weather turns nice and cool.

    longest blog comment ever. sorry. now i am going to text you back bc my phone just went off and scott is here, my mom doesnt text, so it has to be you.