03 August 2009

training day

another day, another training. new jobs stink in the beginning, learning the ropes and all that junk. i prefer to just immediately be an expert at everything i do. tonight i want to go to michael's and see what kind of goodies i can get for $19 dollars. we sold our guitar hero and american idol wii games for $60, woo hoo! the forecast this week is actually nice... so maybeee i can actually take the holga out.... if i didn't just jinx it.

pj has to work late. yuck. i miss him when he works late, hence why i need goodies to keep myself busy. he is sleeping right now and will kill me when he sees this:

boybear and cranky pj.

note: i did not place boybear ontop of my boyfriend's face. i'm not sure how boybear becomes in such a position.

enjoy some tunes today if you are lucky enough to not have to work:

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