24 August 2009

I'm always wanting & needing...

so i want this house. i really really do. i am sick of renting, and having jerko landlords, and I am sick of not being able to paint walls, have a dog, and not being able to park in my own driveway. I am just sick of being a renter in general. This house has a pool, and it is everything i ever dreamed a house could be. it has a guest house, which i wish jamie could come live in it, but in reality really live in the actual house with me since it has 4 bedrooms and a POOL. 

i am going to see it on Wednesday, which i assume i will fall even more in love with it. 

don't get me wrong though, i am super happy with our apartment, when speaking in terms of apartments. i could wish for some more closet space considering we only have one. and i could wish for our landlord to not be so weird, and for people to not park so stupidly in our parking lot, and for our bedroom window to not basically be attached to our neighbors porch/kitchen window. but there are things i love about it too. like our chandeliers, and big windows, and lots of sun, and our shower, and our bookcase, and our pocket doors. all i know is our neighbors must think we are the weirdest person on earth, and i think they are right. 

22 August 2009

gimme, gimme, gimme!

Soo back from vacation, and now i am so ready to put on a sweater, cuddle up with a book, and stare at all the pretty leaves outside. because of all the hurricane wind/storm craziness a lot of the leaves are running along the ground. except they aren't pretty colors... I will post vacation pics soon, I am waiting for our super profesh beach pics to be sent to me! i am excited to see them.

instead i have found some really cute things i want right away. feel free to purchase them
and send them my way.

and this bag, which flips into that... i don't know why this other picture is so small. the link will better show all the details if needed! ChickyBags

10 August 2009

party weekend

this weekend was PJ's mom's birthday. it was fun seeing everyone, and just got us really really excited for vacation. the kids are all so funny together.

i love the way 3 and 4 year olds fight:

4 yr old: you are a crazy old man!
3 yr old: no i'm not!
4 yr old: yes you are
3 yr old: no i'm not!
4 yr old: yes you are
3 yr old: no i'm not!
4 yr old: yes you are

and so on and so on.

5 more days and we're on the beach. I bought The Secret this weekend, and
it is an interesting read. I hope it at least makes me think more positively, and one day i can be rich because i've made myself believe i already am. that seems like such a difficult task for me,
since i can be quite pessimistic at times. anywayyyy, here are some pics from the partayyy.

08 August 2009

happiness is bliss

a little late with the whole being tagged, happiness things... but better late than never!

6 things that make me

1. being in my pajamas all day
2. homemade lemonade with raspberries
3. hayrides to pumpkin patches
4. the feeling of being lifted up by an ocean wave
5. rollercoasters
6. breakfast, lunch, and dinner

i almost put tickle fights, but then remembered i hate being the one being tickled, and only like being the tickler!

oh and i have to add- CARVING PUMPKINS! after vacation in ONE WEEK, i am sooo ready for fall. it is kind of all i think about besides the ocean.

06 August 2009

eeee so cute!

i was just looking through old pics of Mona, and she was soo little and cute! i could have 100 kittens and be perfectly content, they are so so so cute.

but honestly, mugsy miiiight have been cuter.

who else
is excited

me me me me me!!!

03 August 2009

learning new things is hard

some of the goodies i bought.
well minus the shoes. i got the shoes two weeks ago, but still new enough to show off. but i love, love, love, love stationary. i have more paper than i know what to do with. and stickers. anyways, i got the weekly planner for work because it is hard to keep up with contacts, doctors appointments, social work appointments, when i am going where and etc. this is definitely a much different program than the one PJ is in. so, i decided my job required a weekly planner (mostly because some of the older women in the program have them and it makes me feel important.) today i ALSO got a work email address, making me feel SO important. nobody will ever have to email me, but stillll! ok, so other stationary is a weekly calendar with magnets on the back for your fridge. i get overly excited about these types of things. it was only $1 at michael's. lastly, the green yarn. i cannot even begin to count how many times i have attempted knitting and failed miserably. i need some serious hands on teaching. so, i saw this green yarn at michael's and loved the color so much, and thought how great it would be if i could start making scarves for fall and winter. then i saw the crochet needles, and decided i should try to crochet, and maybe i'd be able to figure that out. nope. so frustrated. i want to make a scarf SO bad, and i tried so hard. ughhh! help me!

happier note,
i made soup! yeah, it might be 90 degrees out but i was craving red soup. red soup is pj's favorite, and i am pretty fond of it myself considering it has these really yummy noodles in it called haluski. i couldn't find haluski in my grocery store, so i used cavatelli noodles. equally as good.

pictures i take of food never seem to look that great, but i swear its good.
can of whole peeled tomatoes (use juice in broth)
cabbage (split in half, or quartered depending on your love for cabbage)
some italian seasoning
sea salt
stew meat (cook according to package and add to soup when finished)
haluski or cavatelli noodles (cooked according to package and added to individual bowls)

i use no exact amounts, i keep adding until it tastes yummy. not a ton of ketchup, maybe 10 seconds worth... start with smaller amounts because you can always add more. and don't make it when its 90 degrees out, save this one for november.

training day

another day, another training. new jobs stink in the beginning, learning the ropes and all that junk. i prefer to just immediately be an expert at everything i do. tonight i want to go to michael's and see what kind of goodies i can get for $19 dollars. we sold our guitar hero and american idol wii games for $60, woo hoo! the forecast this week is actually nice... so maybeee i can actually take the holga out.... if i didn't just jinx it.

pj has to work late. yuck. i miss him when he works late, hence why i need goodies to keep myself busy. he is sleeping right now and will kill me when he sees this:

boybear and cranky pj.

note: i did not place boybear ontop of my boyfriend's face. i'm not sure how boybear becomes in such a position.

enjoy some tunes today if you are lucky enough to not have to work:

02 August 2009

uptown kingston, back again do do dodoodoo

i have no idea how i was able to take these pictures, considering it is raining 98% of the time in new york this summer. the rain ruined all the flowers, and ruins my life as well, weird. so this is uptown kingston, minus a few important places such as dallas hot wieners, maxwells pizza, and only a brief viewing of lucy's tacos.

our apt :)