27 September 2009

weekends are fun

i wish it was always the weekend. today i hated my job more than i usually do. i hate driving, and they have me traveling more than i wanted. it doesn't take much to make me hate my job more than usual, but traveling and crappy hours are a fast way to make me dislike a job. 

ok, so this weekend i visited jamie in the city. i picked out my REAL engagement ring, and had lots of fun with my bestest friend. 

this is jamie and scott's super cute and fun cat, oliver. i loved him, and he is super photogenic. 
then we went to pj horgans for dinner, and their hamburgers were sooo good. i want one now.

then we went to the dog park, wish i lived there. this pic is super cute, it seems to be coming out weird on the blog, but i swear it is really good, jamie!

thennn we went to fishs eddy, and i loved it even more. especially their cake holders? i am not domesticated enough to be familiar with actual terms:

then i made apple cinnamon muffins from scratch, inspired by jamie. i had a lot of baking stuff left over from my birthday cupcakes, which i apparently didn't take any pictures of, so i figured i'd make something yummy.

AND most importantly, the ring:

without the wedding band(s), and with. i love love love love it.

1 comment:

  1. i miss you already :( come back! come move in.
    these pictures came out nice. i need your camera.