22 September 2009


i have so much to update about! sooo much, but i will stick to the most important of updates first.

i'm engaged!

super exciting, super fun, and again so exciting!

PJ asked me on my birthday, which he stated for weeks now was going to be the best birthday ever. i doubted this, but it was true! until next birthday when i get a dog. just kiiiidding, sort of. 
we know we want an october wedding, but we don't know 2010 or 2011?! 

pj and i are are homebodies, and he knows how good i am at guessing presents. so PJ popped the question while i was sitting at the kitchen table after i got home from work. and if he did anything out of the blue i would have definitely been suspicious. i hate surprises and feel the need to wrack my brain trying to figure out what he could've gotten me. 

i am so excited to start planning, and i already have a few details picked out. ya know, only a few. 
we know we want an outdoor wedding, in the fall.
and i'll save the rest for later!

here is a little sneak peak and the bridesmaids dresses i heart. 

oh, and now i am TWENTY THREE! yiiikes. 

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  1. yayyyyy im so excited. i told so many people yesterday that my best friend got engaged you'd think it was me.
    we need to get together soon! and talk wedding stuff! and be all girly about weddings