28 September 2009

pretend money

sometimes i like to go on websites and pretend i could buy allll the things i want. today i did that with fishs eddy. maybe once a week i will order one thing from there. if i lived in the city this plan would absolutely happen. i like how i can make plans to spend money every week, but have trouble planning to save money every week. this is why i never have any money. anyway, there were a few items that struck me as definitely needed items on the website; 

i wish i could raid my grandmothers closets 10 years ago, because i know she had identical glassware and pitchers. unfortunately, she got rid of so much stuff when she moved into her senior living apartment. wish i had an interest in these things when i was 11. 

i can't wait to make a registry. where will i make it? target? fishs eddy? who knows... i am exhausted tonight. goodnight!

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