02 October 2009

yummy apple pie!

Last night our friend Pat brought over a congratulatory apple pie. I had some for breakfast, and it is delicious. He earned his way into PJ's wedding party for sure. I spent most of the night last night looking at invitations, trying to find ones comparable to the one's from Lucky-Luxe. There is no such thing, her prices are much better than any other letterpress sites I found, and the designs she has are really beautiful. 

PJ started a blog, which I barely want to promote due to the nature of his first post, but I need to support my fiance. He was up until all hours of the night trying to fix the fact some weird latin appearing language was appearing at the bottom of his post. He wound up having to make a whole new blog in order to fix it. He is loving that blog, it's cute. Except, I still think the first post is gross, and I refused to read it for a few hours. 

Anyway, I stayed up searching invitations, and different stationary. Some were nice, and definitely much cheaper than lucky-luxe, but PJ and I both agreed nothing could top her designs. I love her apple invitations, and her handkerchief save the dates:

Soo pretty, you have to visit her website. Her prices are definitely reasonable for what she is offering. All this apple talk had me thinking how awesome it would be to get married in an apple orchard. I don't know if any orchards around here offer such a thing, or would be interested. I can't even find any examples of orchard weddings, but I barely tried. I did find this, which I think looks incredibly cute:

big white balloons, homemade fabric banner, basket of apples, homemade apple butter, and apple cider. perfect! This was a DIY idea, and I really love it. I might have to use it... Here is the website: DIY Orchard Wedding Table

and lastly, i fell in love with these hair pieces, and i can almost guarantee i will wind up having one...

LoBoheme has many more listed at their etsy shop. They even do custom designs. I really love the one the flower girl is wearing. I don't know if we will have a flower girl, but if we do, I hope she has long enough hair to wear that headband. 

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