09 October 2009

dress up

today i plan on making my way into new paltz. there is this vintage shop there, and i want to see what kind of goodies they have to offer. i need some ideas! i hope they don't mind the large camera i am about to drag inside with me! 

i have been getting all giddy about dresses, and i definitely have a certain style in mind. i think it's pretty obvious when i post some of the dresses i am most interested in. cascablanca has really won me over; they aren't too expensive, and i think they just make some really beautiful dresses. 

this dress is my FAVORITE. i love almost everything about it, except that i wasn't looking for a strapless dress. i believe this particular dress is from their spring 2008 collection, if that is incorrect, it is listed under their bestsellers. 

here is another from casablanca. i think it really contours the body nicely, gives so much shape. i also love the color of the dress, plus the lace and beading, which is what i am going for!

these three dresses are from the Kleinfeld collection, which if that name sounds familiar, it's because you must watch say yes to the dress! these dresses are pricier, but really gorgeous. i especially love the second one to the right. it is like that princess wedding gown i always imagined as a child, but really stylish. 

this dress is from a designer named St. Pucchi. This dress is amazing in my opinion, but unfortunately totally out of my price range. here we are talking $5000+ :( 

this veil, named a mantilla veil, is what i have recently fell in love with. it's a spanish style, and i think it is just BEAUTIFUL. i have no other vocabulary that fits. there are so many types of veils, and for a while i thought i liked the birdcage veils. but they are everywhere. etsy shops are flooded with them, and i don't necessarily want to have what everyone in the year 2010 has adorned on their head. 

Oh, and lastly! I have found a cheaper alternative for an invitation. I have been hemming and hawing over whether the Lucky-Luxe orchard invitations are worth all the money. I am so picky when it comes to stationary, but I think, THINK, i like these:

these ones are made by hellolucky, weird that they have similar names. anyway, their digital prints are very reasonably priced. $150 of these, digitally printed, would be $335.00. Include RSVP cards, add another $205.00. My soon to be sister in law recommended I check out a wedding lady/land based printing place for prices. I need to do this, in order to get a true idea of what my pricing options are. Letterpress is expensive, but it is so classic, and how i always imagined my invitations to be. if only i could find someone just starting out...

i am hoping to hear back about touring some reception places today. some of these places are GREAT with emailing me back quickly, with tons of information. others, not so much. right now pj and i are looking into Twin Lakes, in Hurley, NY. and West Park Winery, in West Park. Both have good rates, we are excited!

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