10 October 2009

cinderelly, cinderelly!

so i decided tonight, i need two weddings.

one will not do.

i need a formal, princess wedding

then, i need a fun, party, informal, casual wedding.

i need both though, because coming up with an in between is so hard. this wedding is going to wind up looking like our apartment. a mixture of so many different styles, because i can't just pick one. from our antique furniture, to our country kitchen table, to our modern kitchen cabinets, to our  flat screen tv, to the chandeliers on the ceiling. 

but seriously, is it just me or would this not be the greatest way to arrive at your wedding?

i am a sucker for cinderella everything. if i had a cinderella themed wedding, i'd wind up taking it so seriously i'd name my first born son Gus, and expect birds to come and fluff my pillows in the morning. ok, so i am over the cinderella idea... 

i found these on an ezine, www.utterlyengaged.com
and i think they are so cute, 
except i can't figure out where they exist.
the little article just shows pictures of them, but doesn't seem to 
explain where they come from... not cool. 

i want this cake, this cake exactly. if i decide on green bridesmaids dresses, this will be even more perfect. i love the fading of dark green to light. this cake was from the Ace of Cakes website. 

lastly, i like this combo of mums and roses. especially the mums, because it is no secret i love mums. i stop to admire mums in front of peoples houses. i will excitedly point, and make pj slow down in the car to admire mums, wherever they may be. 

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