14 September 2009

sew mania

so, i gave up on knitting, maybe forever. maybe for a little while. i am consumed by sewing right now. i have been told i am getting a sewing machine for my birthday (yayy!) so that means less shabby hand sewn work from birthday on out. i went to joann fabrics today with one of my contacts, shes 63, and she picked out a fabric she liked. i told her i would make her some kind of hand bag. it isn't my favorite fabric, but for 62 she could've picked something way worse. i am proud of it regardless of the horrible stitching. i didn't use a pattern, so it is completely uneven, but she won't know the different sadly. 
i also made mugsy and mona a cat nip toy. it is just a circle/ball  with a flower on it. hard to tell in this picture, but i love how much mugsy is enjoying it here. 

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