24 November 2009

long time no see

PJ lost the USB cord for my camera. I blame him for losing it, no way on earth I could have lost it... So, I was basically unable to get any pictures on my computer for a while. Then I fell into a wedding slump, which I blame on DIY indie/vintage/cool wedding blogs/websites/ideas. I feel so angry every time I read something about how some trendy bride had a DIY budget wedding. When I look into what vendors they used, they had their wedding at a barn with a $7,000 site fee, and their dress was $5,000 dollars, but they made their own boutonnieres! Which in essence, probably cost them more than buying them from a florist. It is so frustrating, and it gives brides to be this false notion that they can have a wedding just like theirs. So for a while I felt really angry, and frustrated with the way weddings are being portrayed as budget/DIY weddings, and they still cost a fortune. I basically decided to stop looking at wedding blogs all together, I will still rummage through theknot.com, and project wedding, but otherwise I am staying far away. I don't mind looking at beautiful weddings, but don't try to trick me into believing they were cheap, or low budget, or easy. Between the DIY blogs, and the Mormon blogs, I can barely stand it. I feel so inadequate from BLOGS, that I just needed a break. 

We booked our Honeymoon, to Antigua.

I am excited, but currently not so excited at the INSANE prices of plane tickets. I am trying to not have an anxiety attack that the prices aren't going to drop significantly. I deal with stress horribly, I may never make it to my wedding day, or I will look 52 years old. So, all I do is force Mugsy or Mona to hug me and lay on me, to help calm me down. It doesn't usually work, because whenever I want them to love me, they want nothing to do with me. 

ha, i just love catching mona in the act of licking her chops. 

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  1. i can not even express my excitement over the fact that there is a new blog post from you!
    antigua looks so unbelievably gorgeous... i may try to sneak in a suitcase of yours. and keep checking the plane prices im sure they will come down. and holy crap mugsy looks like he got so big since the last time i saw him... which makes sense bc its been SO LONG since i've been up there. SOOOON i promise. this comment would have been more appropriate as an email. sorry.