09 December 2009

because cats love family photos

tonight we decided to do family photos with the cats, and by we, i mean me. 
this year i made PJ partake in the event, but it is impossible to get all of us together. i don't have a tripod... hmm, christmas gift idea (hint, hint). just kidding, pj is getting me my most favorite lens for christmas, and i am really excited about it! it snowed a lot today, i actually had to shovel. shoveling is not fun, and it made me almost throw up because i am so horribly out of shape. the snow was so heavy, because it was sleeting for 2 hours before i got out to my car. so tonight i came home, had some hot chocolate, some white fudge covered oreos, and looked at the christmas tree. i love christmas trees.

their faces crack me up so much, they both look so miserable. and they were, except mugsy was just uncomfortable, that cat will do anything. my kids are doomed. 

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