01 January 2010

new years resolutions

this year is going to involve some really life changing events; moving out of our apartment in May, getting MARRIED, and hopefully getting a dog towards the very end. it is exciting, kind of stressful, but i actually do like change. PJ hates moving, but i like it. i never mind a change of scenery, it keeps things interesting, and we learn things each time we move. this year i think PJ and i are really going to feel like adults. PJ is turning 26 next month (ahhhh), and adding mr. and mrs. to our title just makes me feel like an adult in general. anywayssss, pj is currently making me watch the dark knight. i already can't deal with the way batman talks. why does he talk like that? who talks like that?  ok, he isn't making me watch it, but i am trying to be a good girlfriend and watch things pj wants to watch. that is one of my resolutions for the year 2010...

1. watch more movies with PJ, since i know he loves them so much
2. begin eating healthier, and living a healthier life style
3. be nicer to PJ, and work on my patience...
4. laugh more
5. learn how to SAVE money, instead of always spending
6. blog more!

i am keeping it short this year, but a lot of what i want is to just work on myself as a person. this year is going to be about me, but in a non-selfish kind of way.

so, now that all the holidays are over, pj insisted we needed to take down our incredibly dead, pathetic, christmas tree. the tree was so dead, it left a HUGE mess

it only took about 3 hours to clean, no biggie. next time i'll be sure to not let the tree die, even though i swear it wasn't my fault! everyone was pretty wiped after all the de-decorating, sooo we all took a nap.

i heart naps

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