04 January 2010

wedding deets

since i haven't posted anything in hundreds of years about decisions I have made about the wedding, i figure now is the perfect time. pj is in bed, getting over the stomach bug. yayy, my most favorite sickness of all. so now i am praying for my own health, and staying as far away from him as i can. 

i've been purchasing milk glass vases off of ebay, and looking in antique stores, for my centerpieces. there is some type of rose, which i forget the name of now, that resembles a peony. so, i want basically all of these flowers shown in the picture above, with maybe a few dark mums thrown in. 

this is basically what i am going with for my color scheme. the bouquet lying on the floor is the one i like, not the one with the calla lilies.  and i hate the invitations, but essentially that is the color i want the bridesmaids dresses, a champagne color. i decided against doing fall colors, because i just liked these more, and just because it's fall i don't have to do everything in super fall form. 

the flowers in these centerpieces, i love love love. i also love the white pumpkin idea, but the milk glass is just cheaper to be honest. in the top photo, if you notice the little pumpkin tea-light though, i have all intentions of doing this, but with a small white pumpkin instead. hopefully i won't lose the motivation to do it. i wish so badly that my wedding was going to be outside like the one in the photo above, but unfortunately we just couldn't do it :(

i want to get this dress made, but i want the price of getting a dress made to be cheaper than buying a dress. so far that isn't what i have been quoted. i'm not giving up though, because the girl in this dress had it custom made, and its the only dress i can't stop thinking about. pj also loves the gray tux a lot, i hope he sticks with it, because he wanted brown, and i hate brown tuxes :/ 

and, lastly, these are the invites we decided on. a girl makes them on her etsy shop. she is going to change the colors to fit my color scheme. i love how on the rsvp there is a place where people can write down their song requests. and i also love the little tied on doily thingy. and that is all for now!

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