11 March 2010

Our new house!!

i am soososoosos excited! i think i secretly love moving (i am crazy)... but there is something about a change of scenery that is always fun, and i just like newness. it is like being able to start over, every year, in one way, at least. you can't start over everything, but you can start over with your living situation. new things to decorate, new things to look forward to.

things we are looking forward to in the new house:

1. a washer and dryer
2. a FOLDING station in the...
4. basement=no more having to look at the cats' litter box!
5. a built in microwave!
6. a super nice kitchen, with all new appliances, and cool lights!
7. a door from the kitchen to the back yard
8. a backyard that is...
9. fenced in! for a doggie!
10. a spare bedroom!
11. a music/craft room!
12. 2 bathrooms!
13. a porch outside with a rocking chair
14. a window above the sink (something i've wanted in all of our apartments)
15. the fact that it is a house, equaling privacy
16. the fact that the landlord is so excited that we have 2 cats, and that we want a dog
17. a dog trail behind our house, that leads to a field
18. more than 1 closet!
19. did i mention the kitchen? it is my favorite part
20. parties again!

so here is the outside... I will post inside pictures once we have moved in:


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